Bullies are not only a problem at my school but everywhere in the world. What can you do to make schools a better place by putting an end to bullies? Bullies can be a pain, but if you tell a teacher/parent you will be fine, also be calm, and stand up for people who are getting bullied.
You can stand up to a bully if you ignore them, and don’t let a bully ruin your day. If you see somebody getting bullied, don’t leave them their. Help them. It’s important to help someone that is getting bullied, because if you do, you might teach the bully to never bully again. You might make a new friend. People never like getting bullied. If you help, and stop bullies, you can change people’s lives!
Be calm, stand up for yourself, and don’t let bullies ruin your day! If you are getting bullied, tell an adult and they will handle it. Bullies, they’re everywhere, in schools, in cities, their all over the place. You can stop bullies, I know it’s going to be hard, but if you believe, you will succeed!
Bullies can be jerks but, if you tell an adult, they will handle it. Stay calm, and don’t let bullies get to you. Stand up for yourself, and help people that is getting bullied. Always remember, if you are getting bullied don’t become the bully!

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