Earth Day


Always be responsible to every single animal

Recycle to help wild life, and criders in the ocean

The day you need to do something to protect wildlife



Do something that you normally don’t do outside

Always respect nature

Yes… you have the potential to protect NATURE


question of the day! How can you protect wild life?

Industrial Revolution Timeline- U.S.A mill in Massachusetts

The mill was made by Boulton and Watt. It was formed, or built in 1775. There are three ┬áparts of the “Spinning Mule”(inside the factory) Textiles- cotton spinning machine using a H2O, or water frame. Steam power- used for pluming out mines. Iorn founding- used to make “COKE.”

Question of the day!: What kind of mill do YOU want to wright about?

Child Labor

Have you ever wondered what children did back then? Well now i’m gonna talk to you about child labor. Back then children get locked in there rooms because, they think that they will run away, or try to do something to get out of working. The people treat these innocent children like thief’s.


What do you think about child labor in the past?