I joined baseball! my team started losing, but I believe that we will win, we just need to practice and work hard! My favorite part in baseball is when I got hit with the ball when i was bating, HOLD UP! I’m not finished. I got hit and it hurt pretty bad, and I handled it like a man! but my favorite part is when I started running, everybody was cheering and clapping at me! I think they were cheering because I wasn’t being a baby and wasn’t going back in the dug out. so yeah! I like that.

Help stop Aquatic plants!

Hurry! We need help to stop aquatic plants before they kill all the fish! We can stop the aquatic plants with Chemicals that kill the plant, but not the fish, and little tiny bugs can eat the plants.
Aquatic plants are plants that grow in the water, and they causing problems to the ecosystems. Mostly exotic plants.To many aquatic plants are causing a problem, because it’s blocking the sunlight for fish, it’s also soaking up all the water, and it’s causing problems with people’s boats. Here are some current ways to stop the plant. A fence, clean your boat, don’t mess with them.
You can stop the plants maybe with chemicals, and little tiny bugs, or pick up the plants and burn them. Maybe some chemicals that kill the plant, but not the fish. We need some chemicals that will dissolve the plant, and something that will get rid of the chemicals. Maybe we can put something that maybe will help the fish. We need to spread out the chemicals on the plant, and if we are going to do that, then we need a very strong blower to spread out the chemicals.
Little tiny bugs will eat the plant, but we need a lot more. The bugs are completely harmless to humans. We can maybe add something in the bugs to make them eat more. If we need more of the little bugs we can make them breed, and in about a month or two, we will have enough bugs to stop the plants. I don’t think that the little bugs will affect the ecosystem, but what is the plant is gone and the little tiny bugs are everywhere.The bugs will go into people’s homes, they will have an overly population!
A way to stop aquatic plants are with chemicals, that dissolve the plant, but does not affect the fish, another way is little tiny bugs, that can eat the plant. A bad thing that could happen is that the fish would die, and it wouldn’t be good for the people who drink out of it. It would also be bad for everything else that gets in the water, like turtles, fish, birds, animals, so we need something to get rid of the chemicals so it won’t affect everything that goes or lives in the water. Hurry! We need your help stop aquatic plants! They are soaking up all the water! It’s like someone drank your orange juice! Who would want that? The fish need help!

Things about me… Pt. 1

So…. Uh! Idk where to start, ok so first of all I got a new house, it was a good house, we had neighbors and all of that, but here is the dark side about my new house… I tried to go and make friends, so I went next door and I meet this boy named Colten and Eli. First I want to Elies house, so we started jumping on the trampoline and that stuff, and then my nosy sister aubri and my brother Seth just haaaad to come over, and it turns out Eli and Seth and Aubri are friends! And it’s like Eli just forgot I was the first one to come to his house! Ok, Eli always comes over and he lies alot, one time he came to play with Seth, but he was at baseball practice, so I told him, ” do you want to play my Xbox with me or jump on the trampoline?” He said no, and he wanted to go home. I can understand that because Eli is little and Seth is tow. Oh! And… Colten moved… My step-sister Jess on the other hand, has a friend that lives next door two! Plus my siblings wouldn’t be over playing with their friends if I didn’t go over there first! I’m the only kid in our neighborhood who doesn’t have a friend that lives next door! So, basically, I was the only one who tried to make friend that lives next door! My siblings should thank me for… EVERYTHING!! Thank you all for listening!
#Not.trying.to.be.rude. 🙂

Can I beat Dark Souls 2??

Ok so, the reason I wrote this is because… On Wednesday in February I got and I started playing it and, I love it! But, a nerd like me, can’t even beat it! I can’t believe i’m saying these words, but I can’t! But i’m not going to let that stop me! Kids my age can’t beat it. Well at least that’s what my step-dad Michael said. It’s hard, and the enemies are way too powerful! Like, here is an example. As soon as I started I was walking along the path, and all of a sudden I didn’t know where to go, and then I found some leaves so I walked in and I saw… big, footprints? I followed the footprints and I saw… A huge monster It looked like the king of Large goblins, so I attacked him with my mace and he turned around, grabbed me, and bit my head! Obviously I died. So please give me some tips, I really need to beat it… PS i’m in Majula, yes I found the forest of the fallen giants, and yes I found the tower of flame. I think they call it the tower of flame? Idk, but plz help me! Leave some tips and maybe enemies weaknesses. Plz i need help!
Xbox 360


Scene 1

Narrator: Kalahari Desert 6-12-2016. It was a good day for Zoom, only for Zoom. It was hot, and dry it was perfect, but it was very hot. Zoom could take it. things aren’t always as it seems. Zoom was running like he always does, through the desert, and something shiny caught his eye.

Zoom: Ahh! What was that?
Narrator: It was a golden book that had a picture of a gun on it, not a normal gun. It looked blue with claws and a big hole at the end.
Zoom: What is this?
Narrator: Zoom brought the book back to his house and started to read. Suddenly, as soon as he opened the book and a flash of light came out. Ghosts flew around him
Zoom: What in the world is going on?!
Narrator: After, a few seconds of ghosts and a flash of light It stopped.
Zoom: Finally! Let’s start reading.
Narrator: Zoom read it as fast as lightning!
Zoom: WOW! I can’t believe I didn’t find this book before!
Narrator: Zoom really wanted to find that gun. There was only one problem… The gun was guarded by the only….. DEATHSTROKE.

Scene 2
“Stuck in another world”

Narrator: Zoom figured out the fastest way to find the gun. Run through the desert… There it was. The rundown temple of Kalahari desert.
Zoom: There you are. I’ve been waiting for a very long time to find you. This really…Really…smelly… thing…Whatever, lets just go in.
Narrator: Zoom scanned every room in the temple.
Zoom: Really. REALLY! Where is th….
Narrator: Zoom was interrupted by a dark voice.
????: HA HA HA!
Zoom: YOU!
????: Ah yes. Ah yes! Finally, i’ve been waiting for someone like you! Ever since I discovered this powerful weapon I’ve been waiting for someone like you to join me!
Zoom: What do you mean? And besides! I’m not going to join you. Who are you?
Deathstroke: I’m Deathstroke.
Narrator: Zoom quickly ran after the gun. They both tried to fight over it.
Zoom: let me have it!
Deathstroke: No way!
Narrator: Suddenly a flash of light flashed at the end of the gun.
Deathstroke: No! You foul! You activated the most powerful weapon in the universe!
Narrator: A beam flashed into the wall and opened a portal. The portal was suking them in… But, befor Zoom and Deathstroke got sucked in they both saw two men fly out of the portal. Who were those two men you ask. Well it was none other than… Black Panther and Spider Man.

Scene 3
“Let’s start our journey”

Narrator: Deathstroke and Zoom were traveling for hours and hours. Finally, they both reached the end of their traveling through a portal journey.
Zoom:(dizy) Ahh! Where are we?
Deathstroke: I don’t know. It’s so bright though.
Zoom: You’re telling me I live in a very bright desert.
Deathstroke: Let’s start figuring out where in the world we are.
Zoom: But….
Deathstroke: Now what?
Zoom: Remember when we got sucked into the portal?
Deathstroke: Yeah?
Zoom: Who were those 2 weird looking men that came out of the portal?
Deathstroke: Ummmm… UUOH! You’re talking about Spiderman and Black Panther.
Zoom: ( look confused ) Who?
Deathstroke: Come on! You’ve never seen Captain America Civil War?
Zoom: No…
Deathstroke: ( look at zoom with a sour face for 2 seconds) Whatever, we gotta find a way back.

Scene 3 1\2
“Spiderman and Black Panther”

Narrator: Alright! Alright! Were at the part now. Spiderman and Black Panther were so confused about what happened. Let me tell you what happened before they got sucked into the portal.
Spiderman: Wazz up Black Panthas
Black Panther: What? My name isn’t Black…Pa… Whatever you said! Don’t call me that!( look at spidey with a grin)
Spiderman: Chil. ill stop. (whisper) When I get a pet frog.
Black Panther: What was that!?
Spiderman:(look into space) Nothing. (giggle)
Black panther: No! I mean that!
Narrator: There it was, the portal.
Spider Man: Ahhh!
Narrator: Ok. Now we’re at the part where Spider Man and Black Panther just got done with their portal journey.
Spider Man: Wow… What just happened.
Black panther: (Sound mad) I don’t know! ( throw a rock in the air)
Spider man: How far did you throw that rock?
Blackpanther: I don’t Care! But we have t…
Narrator: Suddenly a flash of light came from the wall
Zoom: Really Deathstroke, it took you that long to find the gun. And it was on your back!
Deathstroke: I guess.
Spider man: Hey look its gun dude and fast gye
Narrator: They all got so mad at each other the both fought to the death!

Last Scene
“We’re Back! Kindof…”

Narrator: Black panther and Spider man were down.
Zoom: It’s over. You’re gonna be dead!
Narrator: Out of nowhere. A rock fell from the sky.
Spider man: Isn’t that rock the same one you through a minute ago?
Black panther: Is it? It is!
Narrator: Ihe rock hit the gun and opened a portal.
Spider man: Sweet!
Narrator: Spider man and Black panther Jumped into the portal.
Spider man: Finally, we’re…
Black panther: Oh no!
????: Hi! Welcome to the minion lab!
????: Join us, and we will steal the moon together!
Narrator: The question is, who was the guy that was that asked SpiderMan and Black Panther convincing them to steal the moon together join them..

Who is it?

To Be Continued…


Bullies are not only a problem at my school but everywhere in the world. What can you do to make schools a better place by putting an end to bullies? Bullies can be a pain, but if you tell a teacher/parent you will be fine, also be calm, and stand up for people who are getting bullied.
You can stand up to a bully if you ignore them, and don’t let a bully ruin your day. If you see somebody getting bullied, don’t leave them their. Help them. It’s important to help someone that is getting bullied, because if you do, you might teach the bully to never bully again. You might make a new friend. People never like getting bullied. If you help, and stop bullies, you can change people’s lives!
Be calm, stand up for yourself, and don’t let bullies ruin your day! If you are getting bullied, tell an adult and they will handle it. Bullies, they’re everywhere, in schools, in cities, their all over the place. You can stop bullies, I know it’s going to be hard, but if you believe, you will succeed!
Bullies can be jerks but, if you tell an adult, they will handle it. Stay calm, and don’t let bullies get to you. Stand up for yourself, and help people that is getting bullied. Always remember, if you are getting bullied don’t become the bully!