American Revolution War Weapons


Brown Bess, is a smoothore musket gun, and it was rarely used.

Long Rifles- can shoot up to 300 yards long. And it was made in the 18th centuries.

Bayonet- was a crucial weapon. It was made of big infantry charges, both sides are charged up, and a triangle shape.


Infantry Rifle- was built by William Grice. About 1,000 was built ,and used in the British army. It was 30.5 inches barrel long.

Ferguson Rifle- was the first breech loading rifle in the military. It can shoot up to 100 yards. It was with about 100 men out of 30,000

Brown Bess Musket- was used in 1722 until 1838. It can shoot up to 175 yards long. It weighed about 10.5 pounds.


Charleville Musket- it can hold one bullet in each gun. 11,000 muskets were shipped to Philadelphia.




Hour of Code

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Battle of New York

There was a battle in “Kings contery, long Islands, New York. The battle of New York is always going to be apart of the American Revolution. It was sad that New York lost because, it gave British control of New York, but at least New York is still here. Gorge Washington the leader of the New York army, and William Howe the leader of the British army. There were 4,500 kills, and woundeds on both side total. We will always remember what the soldiers did to protect New York, even though they lost they still tried to give it there best! We will always remember the brave soldiers who fought for New York!!!

Patriot poem

Adams served as a diplomat in 1780.

John Adams was a leader of the American Revelation.

He served the U.S. president.

Adams became the first president of the wight house.                 JOHN   ADAM

maried Abigail Smith.

Was a leader.

Adams became a critic of Great Britain

Adams served as a deplomat