I joined baseball! my team started losing, but I believe that we will win, we just need to practice and work hard! My favorite part in baseball is when I got hit with the ball when i was bating, HOLD UP! I’m not finished. I got hit and it hurt pretty bad, and I handled it like a man! but my favorite part is when I started running, everybody was cheering and clapping at me! I think they were cheering because I wasn’t being a baby and wasn’t going back in the dug out. so yeah! I like that.

Help stop Aquatic plants!

Hurry! We need help to stop aquatic plants before they kill all the fish! We can stop the aquatic plants with Chemicals that kill the plant, but not the fish, and little tiny bugs can eat the plants.
Aquatic plants are plants that grow in the water, and they causing problems to the ecosystems. Mostly exotic plants.To many aquatic plants are causing a problem, because it’s blocking the sunlight for fish, it’s also soaking up all the water, and it’s causing problems with people’s boats. Here are some current ways to stop the plant. A fence, clean your boat, don’t mess with them.
You can stop the plants maybe with chemicals, and little tiny bugs, or pick up the plants and burn them. Maybe some chemicals that kill the plant, but not the fish. We need some chemicals that will dissolve the plant, and something that will get rid of the chemicals. Maybe we can put something that maybe will help the fish. We need to spread out the chemicals on the plant, and if we are going to do that, then we need a very strong blower to spread out the chemicals.
Little tiny bugs will eat the plant, but we need a lot more. The bugs are completely harmless to humans. We can maybe add something in the bugs to make them eat more. If we need more of the little bugs we can make them breed, and in about a month or two, we will have enough bugs to stop the plants. I don’t think that the little bugs will affect the ecosystem, but what is the plant is gone and the little tiny bugs are everywhere.The bugs will go into people’s homes, they will have an overly population!
A way to stop aquatic plants are with chemicals, that dissolve the plant, but does not affect the fish, another way is little tiny bugs, that can eat the plant. A bad thing that could happen is that the fish would die, and it wouldn’t be good for the people who drink out of it. It would also be bad for everything else that gets in the water, like turtles, fish, birds, animals, so we need something to get rid of the chemicals so it won’t affect everything that goes or lives in the water. Hurry! We need your help stop aquatic plants! They are soaking up all the water! It’s like someone drank your orange juice! Who would want that? The fish need help!