Things about me… Pt. 1

So…. Uh! Idk where to start, ok so first of all I got a new house, it was a good house, we had neighbors and all of that, but here is the dark side about my new house… I tried to go and make friends, so I went next door and I meet this boy named Colten and Eli. First I want to Elies house, so we started jumping on the trampoline and that stuff, and then my nosy sister aubri and my brother Seth just haaaad to come over, and it turns out Eli and Seth and Aubri are friends! And it’s like Eli just forgot I was the first one to come to his house! Ok, Eli always comes over and he lies alot, one time he came to play with Seth, but he was at baseball practice, so I told him, ” do you want to play my Xbox with me or jump on the trampoline?” He said no, and he wanted to go home. I can understand that because Eli is little and Seth is tow. Oh! And… Colten moved… My step-sister Jess on the other hand, has a friend that lives next door two! Plus my siblings wouldn’t be over playing with their friends if I didn’t go over there first! I’m the only kid in our neighborhood who doesn’t have a friend that lives next door! So, basically, I was the only one who tried to make friend that lives next door! My siblings should thank me for… EVERYTHING!! Thank you all for listening! 🙂

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