Can I beat Dark Souls 2??

Ok so, the reason I wrote this is because… On Wednesday in February I got and I started playing it and, I love it! But, a nerd like me, can’t even beat it! I can’t believe i’m saying these words, but I can’t! But i’m not going to let that stop me! Kids my age can’t beat it. Well at least that’s what my step-dad Michael said. It’s hard, and the enemies are way too powerful! Like, here is an example. As soon as I started I was walking along the path, and all of a sudden I didn’t know where to go, and then I found some leaves so I walked in and I saw… big, footprints? I followed the footprints and I saw… A huge monster It looked like the king of Large goblins, so I attacked him with my mace and he turned around, grabbed me, and bit my head! Obviously I died. So please give me some tips, I really need to beat it… PS i’m in Majula, yes I found the forest of the fallen giants, and yes I found the tower of flame. I think they call it the tower of flame? Idk, but plz help me! Leave some tips and maybe enemies weaknesses. Plz i need help!
Xbox 360

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